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  1. Sen-men Drinking Set for

    Sen-men Maki-e
    (Hand Fans)


Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" for Japanese Rice Wine "Sake"
(Tosoki-soroi Sen-men Maki-e)

Country of Origin



"Tosodai" Tray: 25.4cm * 36.3cm * 7.8cm
"Choshi" pot: 11.3cm * 17.8cm * 19cm
"Sakazuki" cup: φ 11cm * 6.5cm when all 3 cups are stacked together
large φ 11cm * 4cm,
middle φ 9cm * 3.2cm,
small φ 7.5cm * 2.7cm
"Haidai" cup stand: 11.8cm * 11cm * 11cm

Specialty to
Coordinate with

Special sake called "Toso," the traditionally spiced type of Japanese rice wine "Sake" for celebration






URUSHI (Lacquer)
MAKIE (Traditional Japanese technique of gilding)

Included Items

"Tosodai" Tray
"Choshi" pot
3 "sakazuki" cups
"Haidai" cup stand
Kibako (Wooden box)


  • This item is a complete set of utensils for drinking Japanese sake, consisting of 3 "sakazuki" cups, an associated "haidai" cup stand, a "choshi" pot, and a "tosodai" tray. We will put them with great care in a special "kibako" (wooden box) before gift-wrapping them as usual. You can keep the "kibako" to store your sake drinking set in, as works of art are at museums.
  • Props in pictures on this page are not part of the actual product. They are for illustrative purposes only.
  • This sake drinking set "tosoki" can only be introduced for a limited number in stock worldwide. Because they require exquisite, thus highly rare, techniques of Japan's traditional craftsmanship to paint such complex designs, even those few craftsmen who are skilled enough need a certain period of time to create them. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience in case we are out of stock.
Sen-men Drinking Set for

One Box of "Kibako,"
Centuries of Safe Storage.

We will put this item in a special "kibako" (wooden box) upon delivery. This form of long-established protection is commonly used in Japan to store works of the highest values, including art pieces at museums and documents at the Japanese Imperial Household. Its resistance against humidity, heat, and mould enables safe storage for centuries to come.

In addition, not only the contents, but also a "kibako" itself is often regarded as a fine piece of art. Its beautiful surface, smooth in texture and soothing in visual with natural grain patterns, may well reveal the delicacy of Japanese traditions that have been succeeded over the course of history. A calligraphic signature on the lid is the name of the item in Japanese, written just for this particular item. We have also signed and put our seal on the left.

You can keep this "kibako" to store your item, if not to display, when you are not using it.

Sen-men Drinking Set for
Gifts, Wrapped with Love. | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware

Gifts, Wrapped with Love.

Handling Manual will
also be included.

YAMADA HEIANDO's items are the perfect gifts for every occasion and recipient, with our original wrapping to make your gifts special. Because we want our items to contribute to both givers and recipients to become happy, we will send all items gift wrapped (We do not charge extra for wrapping. It is free.).

Your order will usually be shipped within 2 business days after your payment has been confirmed. The final shipping schedule may differ depending on the destination country, but you can well have your item when you want it.

Don't worry even if it is your first time to use lacquerware - We will send with each item a compact handling manual. Written inside are the fundamental philosophy of YAMADA HEIANDO, the history of lacquerware, and easy steps of how to take care of them in daily life.

Sen-men Drinking Set for

!!! Please note that props in pictures on this page are NOT part of the actual product. They are for illustrative purposes only.